1. sleeplvss:

    A makeout session would be great right about now

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  2. Untitled.


  3. turnovxr:

    h o r n y
    h  o  r  n  y
    h   o   r   n   y
    h    o    r    n    y
    h     o     r     n     y
    h      o      r      n      y
    h       o       r       n       y
    h        o        r        n        y
    h         o         r         n         y
    h          o          r          n          y
    h           o           r           n           y
    h            o            r            n            y
    h             o             r             n             y

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  6. fuckyeah1990s:

    “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” Illustrations

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  8. weed-took-me-to-amsterdam:

    At work yesterday in the studio! Finished product, my first pipe!

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  9. I fucking looooove Dillon Francis A.K.A The Original Strawberry 

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  10. halloweenmagick:

    Warning. Positively do not open.

    The real Annabelle doll that inspired the movie The Conjuring.

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